Our Team

ATRService has a strongly defined sense of purpose – to help business increase sales and profits by reducing operating cost and creating comfortable, energy efficient, sustainable properties that attract more customers.

Under the leadership of David Glidden, ATRService people serve knowing what is in the best interest of our customer is ultimately what is in the best interest of our company and our future; and that ultimately it is up to us to consistently build on our expertise and the execution of our creative and pragmatic solutions that matter to our customers and drive measureable results. Thank you for visiting with us and please take a moment to meet our management team.

Our Management Team

David L. Glidden

President  & Chief Executive Officer

ATRService Founder and President, Dave Glidden, actively oversees all aspects of ATRService company operations, strategic business development, marketing, design and engineering projects, and customer service. As a mechanical contractor, class II and class III boiler and pressure vessel contractor his design roots run deep, with over 30 dedicated years in the HVAC engineering and construction industry. Dave and ATRService, under his leadership, have built a solid reputation by championing, “customer first service.” From high rise to low rise, 3 star to 5 star resort hotel, penal facilities to major industrial facilities, all across the globe, Dave has done it all and remains every bit as enthusiastic about the people he meets, the partnerships and friendships developed, and the value ATRService brings to their lives and the businesses they operate.

Bill Gannon

Chief Financial Officer & Human Resource Director

Bill Gannon has served as Chief Financial Officer and Human Resource Director since 1998. He provides leadership in the areas of human resource, strategic business development and growth initiatives. Bill’s corporate finance duties include financial reporting, financial planning and analysis, treasury and tax. As human resource director for ATRService he oversees all aspects of human resource management, include employee recruitment and retention, staff training, development and certification, benefits, HR policies development and legal compliance. Under Bill’s leadership, his team continues to evolve strategies to create a best-in-class organization.

Philip Jeffery

Senior Construction Manager

 Philip Jeffery oversees all technical designs and build out construction to guarantee ATRService solutions, plans, proposals, technical talent, time and material provisions are accurate in scope and price. Philip’s 28 years of hands on experience in the field of HVAC solution design and equipment, and multiple manufacturing certifications ensures all projects seamlessly meet manufacture, state and federal requirements. Philip is certified Screw Compressor and Centrifugal Tear Down, McQuay SWP and RPS, Trane SWUD, TAC Control, Reliance certified, Johnson Controls control and Low and High Pressure Boiler.

Terry A. Craig

Senior Construction Manager

 Terry Craig, with over 30 years of experience, in HVAC Systems and Plumbing, has supervised some of the largest new construction, renovation and retro-fit projects throughout the nation.  He is responsible the proper installation of all materials, manufacture’s equipment and other associated millwork and trade applications. Terry’s multi state certification and licenses, and his in depth experience with facilities of all sizes, low to high rise, retail to industrial, institutional and government make him one of the leading experts in his field.

 John S. Reid

Operations Manager

 With an career as in business sales, marketing and development, John Reid came to ATRService in 2011 from Verizon Wireless where he was adept at expanding company growth through the tenacious acquisition of new business, developing and securing customer loyalty, and forging strong relationships with internal business partners.  At Miller Zell Incorporated, a single source retail planning, design and construction firm, John developed new business opportunities with Sunoco, Exxon/Mobile, and General Motors and lead a team of designers, engineers and production managers to create, produce, and construct interior and exterior designs for Fortune 500 business across the country.  As Operations Manager at ATRService, John is responsible for customer account management, satisfaction and support, finding new business opportunities where ATRService can make a significant impact; as well as all marketing and brand development.

ATRService is Energy.  Efficiency.  Excellence… Service.