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Specialty Applications

Designing commercial HVAC building systems requires uncompromised experience and knowledge of HVAC applications, system design and controls, contemporary and, well, not so contemporary.  ATRService is one of the few single source commercial HVAC companies that tests, re-designs, installs and services nearly all mechanical products comprised of high-performance HVAC systems.  Our system and application knowledge is second to none.   ATRService Solutions take on the most challenging temperature, humidity and ventilation needs by applying our 180 plus years of combine knowledge and expertise in HVAC controls, system components, and design applications to create the most effective, most efficient energy systems available.  ATRService ensures optimal operating performance, reduced operating cost, returns money back to your bottom line and gives you the ability to focus on servicing customers and growing your business.

ATRS Survey & Energy Efficiency Evaluation

ENERGY… is your building performing as intended? We understand your need to provide a balanced internal environment, comfort for your customers, occupants and staff, while keeping energy costs as low as possible, achieving this requires an integrated approach with engineering partners experienced not only in HVAC, Cooling Systems, In Air Quality and Energy Recovery, but also in facility and building design.  ATRService Engineering partnerslead in all aspects of heating and air; they are supported by state of the art performance analysis tools and bring powerful thinking to any energy efficiency solution.  Our approach is simple, is your building operating as initially designed, where are the weaknesses in your existing system, what is the existing condition of your equipment and its life expectancy?  ATRS Survey & Energy Efficiency Evaluation are thorough, our recommendations for improvement sustainable, and the report itself, a vital assessment capital improvement planning.

ATRS Engineering Design & Building Commissioning

EFFICIENCY… is your system yesterday’s standard, barely serviceable, wasting energy, costing you time, money, and customers? Is your facility performing as intended in 1990?  Building Commissioning is a process intended to ensure that building systems function efficiently and satisfy the operational needs for the building. ATRService specializes in Re-commissioning and Ongoing Commission.  Whether your facility is a motel, or hotel, a small office building or 30-story complex, warehouse or distribution center, ATRService integrates forward thinking into our projects, into the very fabric of the building with the assurance all local regulations and standards are met.   We have the experience to design, install, build and maintain all equipment required.  ATRService Designs include the latest HVAC systems from the industry’s leading manufactures, and associated ductwork, controls and piping. We are also skilled in designing and installing more specialized systems based on deionized water, oxygen, nitrogen and compressed air.  High performance, low energy cost, sustainable living and working environments, and a significant Return on Investment, give you the freedom to focus on your business, your customers.

ATRS Building Automation & Control Systems

EFFICIENCY… do you need immediately results, lower operating cost and improved customer experience, but fiscal requirements dictate a phased in approach on mechanical capital improvements?  ATRService Building Automation & Control Systems designs and installs Building Automation Systems (BAS) for customers where gaining automated control and monitoring of their existing mechanical system lends itself to performance optimization, energy efficiency and operational savings.  We utilize pioneering technology, advance and inventive controls systems, across all manufacturers, to integrate and control any existing mechanical system, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, power monitoring, and plumbing.  We design control solutions that fit your capital improvement plan, correct your system’s performance gaps, and ensure optimal performance, comfort and safety.  Across the nation, ATRService is recognized as an expert integrator of these solutions, saving our customers as much as 40% on their operating cost and we have a solution that is right for you.

ATRS Technical Installation & Construction

EXCELLENCE… “the fact or state of excelling”, are you getting back in “facility”, what you put into “service”, or is your facility draining your those efforts, cost, customers?  Older HVAC systems are more prone to breaking down, repair costs are in general higher and more frequent with an older system, and spending money to patch an older system doesn’t improve operational efficiency, and potential customers don’t care about circumstance.  Replacing old systems, ductwork, piping and plumbing from the 1990s, not only can improve indoor comfort and air quality, the kind of environment customers expect and return to, but can deliver instant savings with higher efficiency, durable systems and lower operation cost.  ATRS Technical Installation and Construction delivers better quality and increased comfort for your customer’s experience and satisfaction, and can in turn increase your opportunity for business success.

ATRS Service & Preventative Maintenance

SERVICE… “ATRService”. Not only can ATRService build, design and install your HVAC system, but we significantly reduce ongoing operational costs with a complete line of service and maintenance programs to ensure your HVAC system is running optimally.

ATRS Staffing:  On-Site Expert Employee Program

Not sure if your staff has the expertise required maintaining, service, and operating your facility’s HVAC systems?  What if you could remove all doubt?  What if you could have a HVAC systems expert on site, every day, and the combined knowledge of other ATRS troubleshooting technicians in your city?  ATRService Staffing provides such solutions based on your needs, an expert engineer who can strip apart a boiler and change a light bulb.  If they cannot fix it, we’ll send in another eye, a local ATRS troubleshooting expert, specific to the task at hand, your back up, guaranteed!  Remove all worries, all lost revenue from lingering break it/ fix it concerns that just don’t seem to go away, ask us about ATRS Staffing.

ATRS Preventative Maintenance Program

HVAC system energy efficiency, air and water distribution, in air quality is an important part of any building environment, perhaps the most important piece of any commercial facility.  It is critical not only for your customer’s comfort, but your staff.  The human body can sense temperature changes to within one degree and the smell of poor air quality, and associate fungi and mold that can result, not only turn your customers away, but create an environment where your staff thinks “second best is ok.”  Today’s the competition is tough and no costumer, or good employee, can be taken for granted.  Margins are tight and critical systems must operate effectively and efficiently.  The right planned preventative maintenance program is smart and affordable, can insure energy efficiency and prevent your system from catastrophic breakdown.   ATRS Preventative Maintenance Program, protects your assets, protects your bottom line and gives you a competitive advantage.


Broke is not an option!  Simply put ATRS Emergency Mechanical Service is 24/7 emergency repair service 365 days a year.  When your call ATRS Emergency Mechanical Service, you get a person, not a computer.

ATRService is Energy.Efficiency.Excellence and… Service.