Service & Maintenance

ATRS Service & Preventative MaintenanceSERVICE… “ATRService”. Not only can ATRService build, design and install your HVAC system, but we significantly reduce ongoing operational costs with a complete line of service and maintenance programs to ensure your HVAC system is running optimally.

ATRS Staffing:  On-Site Expert Employee Program

Not sure if your staff has the expertise required maintaining, service, and operating your facility’s HVAC systems?  What if you could remove all doubt?  What if you could have a HVAC systems expert on site, every day, and the combined knowledge of other ATRS troubleshooting technicians in your city?  ATRService Staffing provides such solutions based on your needs, an expert technician who can strip apart a boiler and change a light bulb.  If they cannot fix it, we’ll send in another eye, a local ATRS troubleshooting expert, specific to the task at hand, your back up, guaranteed!  Remove all worries, all lost revenue from lingering break it/ fix it concerns that just don’t seem to go away, ask us about ATRS Staffing.

ATRS Preventative Maintenance Program

HVAC system energy efficiency, air and water distribution, in air quality is an important part of any building environment, perhaps the most important piece of any commercial facility.  It is critical not only for your customer’s comfort, but your staff.  The human body can sense temperature changes to within one degree and the smell of poor air quality, and associate fungi and mold that can result, not only turn your customers away, but create an environment where your staff thinks “second best is ok.”  Today’s the competition is tough and no costumer, or good employee, can be taken for granted.  Margins are tight and critical systems must operate effectively and efficiently.  The right planned preventative maintenance program is smart and affordable, can insure energy efficiency and prevent your system from catastrophic breakdown. ATRS Preventative Maintenance Program, protects your assets, protects your bottom line and gives you a competitive advantage. All ATRService Maintenance Programs include system energy evaluations, capital budget assistance, access and advice from our project engineering professionals, and the best service experience in the industry.


ATRService Preventative Maintenance Programs include four (4) scheduled/quarterly appointments per year to make the following diagnostic inspection, checks and service to your HVAC, plumbing and air quality systems:
• Volt-amps on compressors
• Volt-amps on condenser fans
• Volt-amps on evaporator fans
• Volt-amps (heating)
• Volt-amps (cooling)
• Wiring connections
• Contactors
• Crankcase heater
• Heat exchange, bonnet, all flue ways
• Change filters
• Change belts
• Staging
• Cleanliness inspection of heating section
• Lubricate blower fans & motors
• Lubricate shafts & bearings condenser fans
• Evaporator temp. differential
• Condenser temp. differential
• Condensate pan, drain & pump
• Evaporator coil
• Condenser coil
• Oil level check
• Suction pressure cutout
• Suction pressure & discharge pressure
• Refrigeration charge, hi-low superheat
• Inspection for leaks
• Inspection for draft fan dirt & rust
• Safeties inspection
• Priority 24/7 Emergency Service Dispatch
• Discounted Repairs: 15% discounts on all parts and equipment installed
• Annual Service: Annual chemical cleaning of your evaporator condensing coils
• Quarterly Reporting: Email report after every service detailing equipment condition


Broke is not an option!  Simply put ATRS Emergency Mechanical Service is 24/7 emergency repair service 365 days a year.  When your call ATRS Emergency Mechanical Service, you get a person, not a computer.   ATRService EMS at 770.674.9099, fast, courteous, emergency repair service for you and your business.

ATRS On-Site Staffing / HVAC Expert Technicians
Radio Dispatched Service Fleet / Emergency Mechanical Service 24/7/365
Planned Maintenance AgreementsService… and peace of mind, for you.

ATRService is Energy. Efficiency. Excellence… Service.