Design Solutions

EFFICIENCY… is your system yesterday’s standard, barely serviceable, wasting energy, costing you time, money, and customers? Is your facility performing as intended in 1990?  Building Commissioning is a process intended to ensure that building systems function efficiently and satisfy the operational needs for the building. MSES specializes in Re-commissioning and Ongoing Commission.  Whether your facility is a motel, or hotel, a small office building or 30-story complex, warehouse or distribution center, MSES integrates forward thinking into our projects, into the very fabric of the building with the assurance all local regulations and standards are met.   We have the experience to design, install, build and maintain all equipment required. MSES Designs include the latest HVAC systems from the industry’s leading manufactures, and associated ductwork, controls and piping. We are also skilled in designing and installing more specialized systems based on deionized water, oxygen, nitrogen and compressed air.  High performance, low energy cost, sustainable living and working environments, and a significant Return on Investment, give you the freedom to focus on your business, your customers.

MSES is Energy.Efficiency.Excellence and… Service.