ATRService FAQs

Q: What is unique about ATRService?

ATRService, started small, never biting off more than we could chew. We purposely never committed to project we could not fully design, install and support before, during and after process, and quickly built a national reputation through customer referrals for seamless cost effective solutions, and exceptional customer service. ATRService technicians and staff are industry experts, courteous, professional, and quick to respond to customer needs. At ATRService, industry standards are minimal standards, proven design principles our hallmark, and service our bedrock.

Q: What can ATRService provide?

ATRService is a complete single source commercial HVAC design, installation and maintenance company. ATRService provides design work, re-commissioning service, service technicians, sheet metal installation, direct digital controls systems (DDC) and many other service peripherals to the industry, in addition to structural engineering partners, electrical work, architectural services, and plumbing.

Q: What size limitations govern the work ATRService can provide?

ATRService projects range from simple single air handlers, PTACs, to boilers, chillers, 1000 ton cooling towers, 10 ton rooftop units, variable volume boxes and DDC controls. In terms of dollars we provide energy efficient solutions invoiced at a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands dollars.

Q: What experience does ATRService have?

ATRService was established in January of 1998. The average industry experience of ATRS senior management and design team members exceeds 30 years of service, totaling over 180 years combined design excellence. Across the country, our regional staff, tradesmen, and NATA certified field technicians average 20 to 25 years of service and are mandated to take part in manufactures continuing education programs. At ATRService there are no short cuts to experience and training, past and current.

Q. Is an Energy Efficiency Survey Audit really worth the money?

You don’t know what you don’t know. An ATRS Energy Efficiency Survey Audit from $250 is a minimal investment in your operation. They often identify small energy issues that cost your company ten times this operation cost month over month. These evaluations are a complete diagnosis of your HVAC Systems, the life blood of your organization that can make up 50% of your operating cost. Again you don’t know, what you don’t know, and best case scenario, they give you these assurance that your systems are operating effectively and as design. Also, many of our customers find this assessment and final report an invaluable resource for timelines and budgets as they look ahead to developing capital improvement and renovation programs.

Q. What is one of the fastest and effective ways to reduce energy usage and save money?

ATRS Planned Replacement Program is designed to address failing HVAC equipment installed in the mid to late 1990s. New HVAC equipment can lower energy costs by up to 40% and eliminate costly repair and system outages in the near future. ATRService recommends you start with a complete ATRS Energy Efficiency Survey Audit to identify aging that may not be performing at optimal efficiency or may be near the end of its life cycle.

Q. Is new equipment really worth the investment?

Older equipment is more prone to breaking down; repair costs are also generally higher and more frequent with an older system. Spending money to patch an older system – whether it’s for a $1500 condenser coil or a $500 blower motor, plus labor costs – adds up over time and doesn’t improve operational efficiency. In our world, HVAC, broke is not an option.


ATRService is Energy.Efficiency.Excellence and… Service.